Medical Service Supplier with Pharmacogenetics Expert System in Zurich – SONOGEN AG

Know in advance how medicine will work for you. With its pharmacogenetics expert system SONOGEN AG helps patients to receive a customized therapy – SONOGEN XP to ensure safe treatment throughout a patient’s health journey.


Situated strategically in Badenerstrasse and Seefeldstrasse in Zurich, SONOGEN AG provides cutting-edge medical treatments. It’s easily accessible and located in a medical center of the private hospital group Hirslanden in the same building.


Established in 2014, SONOGEN AG is a certified medical device manufacturer providing innovative clinical solutions for every patient. The medical company focuses on the effect of genes on drug treatment and therapy outcomes.

It features a wide range of medical experts and doctors who develop solutions for the clinical application of pharmacogenetics with the expert system SONOGEN XP. This shows how a patient’s genetic makeup affects drug efficacy by recognising mutable sequences in the genome. This helps to determine the specific medications that are not effective for treatment or can cause detrimental side effects.

SONOGEN XP relies on a pharmacogenetic database with technical decision-making algorithm to develop a personalized therapy that matches the profile of each patient. SONOGEN XP was developed by SONOGEN AG to establish evidence-based therapies customized for every patient.


Areas of Specialisation

SONOGEN AG provides pharmacogenetic services to patients with drug intolerance or people who are suffering from drug treatment failure. The company also offers medical services to patients who are obliged to take medication on regular basis for a long period of time or patients who can’t tolerate their existing treatment. People who are looking to analyse their pharmacogenetic profile to prepare for a medical treatment can also take advantage of this service at SONOGEN AG.

The company uses the pharmagogenetic expert system SONOGEN XP to choose medications safely for every patient. Since a therapy works for every patient in a different way, in a personal conversation with the patient, the doctor in charge explains the procedure during the consultation. During the same session, a blood sample is drawn from the patient. It is then analysed in the laboratory to get the genetic information. SONOGEN XP then delivers a personalized pharmacogenetic profile of the patient which helps the doctor to provide the right drug treatment for the patient. This helps to reduce side effects and increases drug efficacy to ensure safe treatment.

Facts & Figures

SONOGEN AG has a team of medical experts trained to provide patients with personalized treatment and the best clinical therapy.

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