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Being a guest at the luxurious Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland enables you to enjoy the convenient and unique link between premium medical care and luxury hotel accomodation. The Health Centre offers various specialities for your medical needs.

Medical screenings including complete health checks are provided. For women, there is the special Lady Health Check. taking care of particular and special female needs and problems. Both are performed in cooperation with the on-site radiology department examining the crucial and important body functions. In March 2011, a new centre for dermatology including allergology as well as a plastic surgery opened to perform at highest levels to meet patients needs. Dr. Claudia Steiner, an experienced dermatologist, is the head of this sophisticated centre.

One of the main focuses is the diet and weight loss clinic treating obesity and adipositas successfully. Also, optimization of diabetes treatment is an important aspect of our work. The centre provides a broad range of options for weight reduction in a lasting and efficient way giving advice on diet and physical exercise program. Moreover, the Health Center offer help for patients with sleeping disorders applying the latest “sleeping therapy” program.

For women, the special clinic for women health offers medical care in gynecology and infertility matters. The centre for mental health aims for the prevention and therapy of burnout syndrome. Prof. Dr. Hohmeister, a renowned rheumatologist, is head of the rheumatology and rheumatological rehabilitation department.

For sportive clients and professional sportswomen and men, Health Centre Bad Ragaz offers the Swiss Olympic Medical Center dedicated to sports medicine, rehab and musculoskeletal rehab. Training and sportive challenges are structured the optimal ways in order to prepare the clients for tournaments or to recover from sports injuries or illness.The medicine department offers amongst other a pulmonological section.



  • Shoulder

    shoulder arthrosis / shoulder dysfunction by shoulder replacement / shoulder arthritis by shoulder prosthesis

  • Knee

    osteoarthritis of the knee / rheumatoid arthritis of the knee / total knee arthroplasty

  • Hip

    osteoarthrosis of the hip

  • Aesthetic surgery

    • Facial treatments

      wrinkles removal / wrinkles treatment with botox or laser / liposculpture / lipofilling / scar removal / eyelid lift / nasal reshaping

    • Breast surgery

      breast augmentation / breast reduction / breast lift / breast reconstruction

    • Body treatments

      liposuction / tummy tuck / buttock lift / thigh lift / stretch mark removal / excessive sweating / hyperhidrosis / genital surgery women / men

    • Dentistry

      • Implantology

        1 stage implants / 2 stage implants / bridge implants / crown implants

      • Dental surgery

        root canal treatment / wisdom tooth extraction

      • Jaw surgery

        jaw malformation / jaw augmentation / cleft lip / palate

      • Gynaecology

        • Cancer

          cervical cancer / ovarian cancer / endometrial cancer

        • Uterus

          uterine myoma / uterine prolapse / endometriosis / abnormal oestrous cycle

        • Ovaries

          ovarian cysts / polycystic ovary syndrome

        • Medical check-up

          • Preventive check-up

            cancer screening / cardiac screening / vascular screening / full-body check-up / blood screening / diabetes check-up

          • Sports check-up

            cardiopulmonary exercise testing / lactate threshold test / body fat measurement

          • Dermatology

            • Skin cancer

              melanoma / basal cell carcinoma / diagnostics of atypical moles / actinic keratosis

            • Auto-immune disease of the skin

              psoriasis / systemic sclerosis / bullous pemphigoid

            • Allergology

              allergy testing / allergen immunotherapy

            • Acne

              acne vulgaris / acne inversa / acne treatment with blue light

            • Rehabilitation

              • Cardiac rehabilitation

                heart attack rehab / heart surgery rehab

              • Musculoskeletal rehabilitation

                back pain rehab / joint replacement rehab / trauma rehab

              • Neurological rehabilitation

                stroke rehab

              • Pneumology

                • Lung diseases

                  asthma bronchitis / chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

                • Rheumatology

                  • Back pain

                    acute lumbago / lumbar disc hernation

                  • Degenerative arthropathy


                  • Inflammatory arthropathy

                    rheumatoid arthritis / psoriac arthritis / juvenile idiopathic arthritis

                  • Obesity

                    • Overweight

                      surveyed diet programs / weight loss exercise program

                    • Neurology

                      • Nervous system disease

                        alzheimer's disease / parkinson's disease / multiple sclerosis

                      • Headache

                        migraine / tension headache

                      • Nephrology

                        • Dialysis

                          haemodialysis / peritoneal dialysis / holiday dialysis

                        • Kidney disease

                          nephritis / nephrotic syndrome

                        • Endocrinology

                          • Diabetes

                            diabetes mellitus type 1 / diabetes mellitus type 2 / diabetes drug treatment optimization / diabetes consultancy


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