Discover Ticino in style with our deluxe selection of top 5 star luxury hotels for business and leisure.

There are many beautiful places to discover in Ticino and our selection of the best hotels will help you find somewhere to stay in while you explore. Our great selection of luxury hotels in Ticino includes the best luxury hotels, business hotels and spa hotels. Whether you need a hotel for a business trip or a luxury city break, our great selection of hotels in Ticino is certain to inspire you. Discover our selection below or contact us for more information.

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Villa Principe Leopoldo // Ticino +

Delicately balancing the old-world majesty of this luxury hotel's illustrious history with modern, nature-i...
From 379 CHF per night

Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola // Ticino +

Perfectly balancing the exquisiteness of Italian desing with the renowned, luxurious comfort that is utterl...
From 340 CHF per night

Resort Collina d’Oro // Ticino +

Rising serenely from amongst the glimmering waters of the lake and the vineyard-laced Ticino Mountains, Res...
From 300 CHF per night

Villa Orselina // Ticino +

Combining Swiss hospitality with an Italian sense of dolce far niente, this wonderful hotel is perfect for a r...
From 320 CHF per night

Kurhaus Cademario Hotel & SPA // Ticino +

Ideally located on a secluded park overlooking the enchanting Lake Lugano and surrounded by impr...
From 299 CHF per night

THE VIEW Lugano // Ticino +

Staying at THE VIEW Lugano is like cruising aboard a luxury yacht but with all perks of being on land;...
From 459 CHF per night

Giardino Lago // Ticino +

Set by the shores of Lake Maggiore, this wonderful hotel in Minusio is the perfect place to retreat to ...
From 250 CHF per night

Park Hotel Principe // Ticino +

Situated just a few kilometres away from Lugano city centre and amid the tranquillity of "Collina d'Or...
From 189 CHF per night

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