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There are so many reasons to visit Italy - shopping, history, cuisine and culture. We are certain to have the perfect hotel to match the holiday of your dreams in Italy. Discover our great selection below or contact us for more information.

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Armani Hotel Milano // Milan +

This 5 star hotel would be a great choice for a luxury city break to enjoy the shopping and culture in Milan. ...
From 399 € per night

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Bulgari Hotel Milano // Milan +

Located on a quiet street in Milan’s celebrated cultural quarter, the hotel has a remarkably peaceful situatio...
From 610 € per night

Carlton Hotel Baglioni // Milan +

Location: The Carlton Hotel Baglioni is locate...
From 450 € per night

Hotel Waldorf 5*L // Milano Marittima +

Located right on the beach, yet within walking distance from the city centre and the shopping area, the mod...
From 220 € per night

Palazzo Vecchietti // Florence +

Palazzo Vecchietti is a unique 5 star hotel located between Piazza della Repubblica and Palazzo Strozzi, wi...
From 249 € per night

Regina Hotel Baglioni // Rome +

The Regina Hotel Baglioni in Rome has long been a favourite of glamorous international travellers and its dist...
From 380 € per night

Royal Hotel San Remo // Italian Riviera +

A member of the prestigious "Leading Hotels of the World" group, The Royal Hotel San Remo is idea...
From 215 € per night

St Regis Roma // Rome +

Steeped in history, this imposing establishment is an iconic landmark and is the perfect hotel for a business ...
From 299 € per night

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