Klinikum Rechts der Isar in Munich - Specialized in Allergology

Top clinic in Munich with top treatments in Allergology


With approximately 4,500 employees, the Klinikum Rechts der Isar dedicates itself to patient care, research and teaching.

Around 11,000 inpatients and 220,000 outpatients benefit annually from the highest standard of medical care.

With 33 clinics and departments and about 1,100 beds, this leading German university hospital covers the entire spectrum of modern medicine and has experts available to treat all types of illness, including rare disorders.

Typically, patients are cared for by a team of doctors from various disciplines who focus intensively on key treatment issues; this cooperation is particularly important to successfully treat diseases like cancer.

The Klinikum Rechts der Isar is internationally recognized for the close connection between basic research, clinical research and patient care.

It is especially known for its advanced approach to cancer therapy, medical technology, molecular cardiology and vascular biology, brain function and imaging, and environmental allergy, infection and immunity.

Although the hospital is a separate legal entity, the laboratories of the University and the Hospital work in close collaboration so that patients benefit from the early application of new scientific findings.

Meanwhile, the daily experience of physicians can be used to direct research objectives towards areas of need. Thanks to this philosophy, Klinikum Rechts der Isar is an international success and enjoys a worldwide reputation for excellence in patient care, research and teaching.

It is also the first Bavarian and one of the few German university hospitals since April 2011 to operate on a certified quality management system.

This means it must regularly demonstrate that it has defined and controlled treatment and support processes and continuously improve the quality of the patient experience.



  • Shoulder

    shoulder arthrosis / shoulder dysfunction by shoulder replacement / shoulder arthritis by shoulder prosthesis

  • Knee

    osteoarthritis of the knee / rheumatoid arthritis of the knee / total knee arthroplasty / knee replacement surgery / knee joint endoprosthesis / cruciate ligament reconstruction / meniscus injury

  • Hip

    osteoarthrosis of the hip / hip endoprosthesis / total hip arthroplasty

  • Hand

    carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Spine

    spinal disc herniation / spinal fusion

  • Gynaecology

    • Cancer

      cervical cancer / ovarian cancer / endometrial cancer

    • Uterus


    • Vascular surgery

      • Venous surgery

        varicosis treatment / spider vein removal

      • Aorta / carotid artery / peripheral artery

        aortic aneurysm / carotid artery stenosis / peripheral vascular disease

      • Proctology

        • Coloproctology

          haemorrhoids / anal fissures / anal fistula / anal abscess

        • Pancreatic tumors

          • Pancreatic adenocarcinoma

            pancreatic carcinoma resection / chemotherapy of pancreatic cancer

          • Precancerous pancreatic cyst

            cyst surgery

          • Breast tumors

            • Inflammatory breast cancer

              hormonal cancer therapy / breast cancer chemotherapy

            • Ductal breast carcinoma

              mastectomy / hormonal or chemo therapy of breast cancer / radiation of breast cancer

            • Lobular breast carcinoma

              breast cancer mastectomy / hormonal and chemo therapy of breast cancer / breast cancer radiation


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