Privatklinik Meiringen in Meiringen - Specialized in Anxiety disorders

Top clinic in Meiringen with top treatments in Anxiety disorders


It is the distinct character of Privatklinik Meiringen represent a transition beweenin tradition and progress.Situated in the middle of the Alps it offers ideal environments to recover.

The size of departments and wards are kept the way that they are comfortable for both patients and professionals having the capacity to take respectful and comprehensive care of every patient.

The drug and alcohol abuse and addiction department of Privatklinik Meiringen is well-known for its successful treatment concepts for addictive diseases. The clinic provides extensive programs and treatment concepts always adapted to the latest psychiatric and medical findings and knowledge, in particular for the following fields:

Psycosomatics, Psychiatry, Depressive illnesses, affective disorders, personality disorders, Exhaustion syndrome (burnout), Addiction to alcohol and/or prescription drugs, addiction to illegal drugs.



  • Burnout

    burnout treatment

  • Mental health

    bipolar disorder / depression

  • Addiction

    polytoxicomania / marihuana addiction / cocaine addiction / alcohol addiction

  • Personality disorder

    borderline personality disorder

  • Neurology

    • Nervous system disease

      parkinson's disease / alzheimer's disease


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