A High-End dental clinic in Zurich – swiss smile!

Top dental clinic in Zurich’s city center - swiss smile

A superb competence center for dental medicine in the city center of Zurich! Excellent dentists, orthodontist, and modern treatment methods – combined with the “philosophy of the anxiety-free dental treatment”!

Specialized doctors

Prof. Dr. med. dent. habil. MS Christian Stappert

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Dr. med. dent. Ralf Dux

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Dr. med. dent. Simone Jenne Windisch

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Dr. med. dent. Birgit Lehnert

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Dr. med. dent. Christoph B. Schultz

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swiss smile – visit your dentist with a smile on your face! The innovative and multiple awarded clinic for dental medicine is working on the highest level and treats their patients with state of the art equipment in a calming and comfortable surrounding. They take dental fear off the patients and listen to their needs.

Many Hollywood stars, members of royal families or world-knows singers are faithful customers of the clinic and no matter if tooth bleaching, tooth-straightening, dental implants or complete full arch rehabilitation – some of the perfect teeth smiling at us from the famous magazines are positively influenced by swiss smile or have been fully created by them.


The dental clinic is located in the word-known Bahnhofstrasse, right in the city center or Zurich. Many shopping facilities, the beautiful Paradeplatz or the wonderful Lake Zurich are just a few minutes by feet.

Dental Medicine

Prevention & preservation of dental health

With the professional treatment of caries, erosion damages or pain-free root canal treatments, the doctors or swiss smile support their patients to preserve or retrieve their dental health.

By the usage of innovative treatments like the PerioSafe-early detection, smallest inflammation in the oral cavity can be localized and treated effectively. This is not only good for teeth and gums, it is also having positive effects for the overall-health and reduces the risk for cardiovascular diseases.

The clinic is also well known for careful amalgam replacements, periodontal treatments or frenectomy removal or replacements. The dentists always have time for their patients and before every treatment, there will be a detailed conversation with understandable explanations.

Tooth removal or replacement

swiss smile, with its innovative reconstructive dental medicine, is able to give their patients a confident appearance back and from the removal of wisdom teeth, the insert of dental implants or partial or full denture the clinic gives the smile back to their patients.

Teeth straightening and beautification

The clinic offers a wide selection of treatments with which the complete look of the teeth can be positively affected:

Starting by dental hygiene treatments, calculus removal or consulting of the dental hygiene school, via tooth bleaching, to plastic surgical soft tissue management or the usage of veneers and lumineers to optically beautify the teeth.

For the individual manufacture of fixed braces, swiss smile is also using the “Invisalign-technique” with which the teeth can be straightened - nearly invisible - in a short period of time!

swiss smile creates incomparable highlights in the mouth with fantastic tooth jewelry.

Kids & Families

Dental health does not only start after the fall out of the primary teeth – it begins much earlier! At swiss smile Kids, the little ones will be treated by special “children-dentists” in a suitable surrounding for kids.

With the specialized orthodontics create the fundament for beautiful teeth in the adult life, which is not only important for a good look, but also for future career chances.

The expert team is happy to explain parents and kids for the different treatment possibilities and takes time for all questions.

Special treatments

The modern dental clinic works inter alia with innovative laser dental medicine or minimal-invasive dental treatments.

With the professional medical team at the clinic, it is also possible to arrange dental treatments or surgeries under general anesthesia, with which the patient is still able to leave the clinic after approx. one hour.

The clinic is also following alternative methods like dental treatments under hypnoses or a combination of pain elimination and calming – the team is looking forward to giving advice!



  • Implantology

    1 stage implants / 2 stage implants / bridge implants / crown implants

  • Dental surgery

    root canal treatment / wisdom tooth extraction

  • Jaw surgery

    jaw malformation / jaw augmentation / cleft lip / palate


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