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Diagnoseklinik Munich is a specialist medical check-up and diagnostic clinic in Germany. The clinic offers a comprehensive range of preventive checks in order to identify diseases at as early a stage as possible and to help patients to live healthy, productive lives.

The clinic’s philosophy is to focus on prevention instead of repair, through a unique combination of highly competent doctors and cutting-edge technical equipment that seeks to constantly update the clinic’s programme of medical check-ups to incorporate the latest research.

The clinic has a twin focus on prevention and diagnostics. In terms of prevention, patients have a wide range of services on offer. These include screening for colon cancer (virtual colonoscopy), lung cancer screening for smokers (virtual bronchoscopy and sputum examination), early diagnosis of breast cancer and cancer prevention for men and women using MR mammogram, early detection of prostate cancer using MR spectroscopy of the prostate, whole-body MRI tumour screening, heart and circulation check to prevent heart attacks, osteoporosis risk using bone density measurements, medical coaching and other preventive services.

A dedicated women’s clinic offers a comprehensive range of female health checks. The clinic provides personal analysis and therapy, and aims to offer a holistic anti-aging approach, as well as specialist check-ups related to the menopause, hormonal fitness and libido disorders. Patients can also opt for medical weight loss programmes, to lose weight permanently and effectively under the supervision of highly trained medical professionals.

Preventive check-ups are also available – these focus on early detection of disease in bronchi and lungs, heart and circulation, stomach and intestine, thyroid gland, kidneys and bladder.

The Diagnoseklinik München also offers early detection of tumours using positron emission tomography (PET).

Finally, tests for allergies and food intolerances can be undertaken. All patients enjoy access to the most modern, high-tech equipment, including magnetic resonance scanners and an open scanner for obese patients and children), ultrafast computer tomographs, PET systems, sonographs as well as digital X-ray and mammography devices.

At the Diagnoseklinik you can rely on the fact that the highest quality imaging is available and all findings are read by an experienced doctor team.


Medical check-up

  • Preventive check-up

    diabetes check-up / blood screening / full-body check-up / vascular screening / cardiac screening / cancer screening


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