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PD Dr. med. Rainer Arendt

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Dr. med. Gieri Cathomas

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Medical products for health prevention and promotion

Executive Check-Up
The package includes:

• Profound interview by a cardiologist
• Thorough physical internal and cardiological check
• Preanalysis of expected illnesses or risk factors
• Assessment of previous results, as available
• Weight and Body Mass Index
• Vaccination check
• Colour ultrasound imaging of the heart (echocardiography)
• ECG at rest and during exercise
• Pulmonary function testing
• Test of physical fitness, measuring of the maximum oxygen intake
• Ultrasound exams (heart, carotid vessels, abdomen-ultrasound, thyroid gland)
• Blood tests
• Urine analysis
• Mental status (if indicated)
• Catering
Additional examinations:

• Gastroscopy/colonoscopy
• Magnet Resonance Tomography (MRI)
• Computer tomography(CT) including CT of the heart
• Gynecological Checks
• Urological Checks
• Skin check
CHF 4'750

Swiss Prevention Clinic Medical check-up

At the Swiss Prevention Center guests can undergo an individual check-up which is tailored to their needs and uses biochemical and genetic testing to diagnose any pre-existing conditions and allow effective and efficient treatment. Check-ups can also be specified on:

• Cardiology- with a full cardiac screening
• Diabetes- with blood screening
• Cancer- with screening

The Swiss Prevention Clinic also offers a full allergy assessment check-up and a sports specific check-up using state of the art equipment.


The team at the Swiss Prevention Clinic is headed by Dr. med. Rainer Arendt, a former NATO research fellow in psychopharmacology. He trained in internal medicine, cardiology and nephrology at the University of Munich. The clinic is in partnership with many nearby hospitals, should further tests or treatment be required this can be arranged within hours.



Nestled conveniently in the centre of Zurich, and close to the lake, Swiss Prevention Clinic is easily accessible. The boutique size clinic is in a quiet part of Bellerivestrasse, offering privacy and tranquillity to its patients.


Swiss Prevention Clinic offers innovative check-ups with biochemical and genetic testing to uncover hidden disease before harm is done. The clinic is in partnership with the leading hospitals in Switzerland for further treatments and tests that can be arranged within few hours. The doctors are available 7 days a week to make all your necessary appointments at the clinic stress-free.

The clinic offers the best medical examinations and treatments medical consultations, anti-aging treatments and preventive check-up examinations to patients from abroad and home. It aims to organize and advise patients when it comes to medical second opinions. For the convenience of the patients, between tests or examinations, they are allowed to have a relaxation time in the clinic restaurant or the luxury lounge. A shower is available, and catering options are great.

Area of Specialization:

Swiss Prevention Clinic has some of the renowned medical consultants in various fields that ensure that every patient is attended with respect. It is specialized in the following; genetic testing, children's health, gastroenterology checkup, cancer checkup, general check-ups, preventive medicine, treatment and surgery planning. Also, it handles regenerative medicine check-up, men's health performance and sexual wellbeing, couple's fertility check-up and individual check-up.

Additional tests and examinations in the clinic include Skin check, Magnet Resonance Tomography (MRI), Gastroscopy/colonoscopy, Computer tomography(CT) including CT of the heart, Gynaecological Checks, and Urological Checks.

The clinic offers Executive Checkup designed particularly for the heart and circulatory system as well as cancer prevention. The check-up process includes thorough physical internal, cardiologic examination and consultation services to professionally access the state of the patient’s health.

Facts & Figures:

The well-being of the patients is handled in a modern medical care environment. With individual rooms, restaurants, state of the art laboratory, surgery rooms and an emergency centre, luxury lounge, Swiss prevention Clinic offers an integrated medical care approach to every patient.


Heart diseases

  • Cardiology

    coronary heart disease / heart rhythm disturbance / heart failure / coronary stenting / pacemaker implantation / ICD implantation

  • Heart surgery

    valvular transplant / coronary bypass

  • Medical check-up

    • Preventive check-up

      allergy check-up / diabetes check-up / blood screening / full-body check-up / vascular screening / cardiac screening / cancer screening

    • Sports check-up

      cardiopulmonary exercise testing / lactate threshold test / body fat measurement

    • Psychiatry

      • Burnout

        Burnout treatment / Burnout prevention

      • Mental health

        bipolar disorder / dysthymia / Depression

      • Eating disorders

        Anorexia / bulimia / Binge eating

      • Personality disorder

        borderline personality disorder

      • Mental coaching

        Burnout prevention / Stress management

      • Rehabilitation

        • Cardiac rehabilitation

          heart attack rehab / heart surgery rehab

        • Rheumatology

          • Back pain

            acute lumbago

          • Neurology

            • Headache

              migraine / tension headache

            • Nephrology

              • Kidney disease

                nephritis / nephrotic syndrome / renal hypertension

              • Gastroenterology

                • Stomach

                  gastritis / helicobacter pylori infection / gastric ulcera / gastroscopy

                • Gallbladder

                  gallbladder stones / gallbladder infection

                • Liver

                  chronic liver infection / liver cirrhosis / liver haemangioma

                • Pancreas

                  pancreatic cysts / pancreatitis

                • Bowel

                  inflammatory bowel disease / chronic diarrhoea / colonoscopy

                • Endocrinology

                  • Diabetes

                    diabetes mellitus type 1 / diabetes mellitus type 2 / diabetes drug treatment optimization / diabetes consultancy

                  • Thyroid gland

                    hypothyroidism / hyperthyroidism / Hashimoto's disease

                  • Addiction treatments

                    • Addiction to substances

                      Stop Smoking Program / Polytoxicomania / Alcohol addiction / Drug addiction


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