Clinique Cecil in Lausanne - Specialized in Pain therapy

Top clinic in Lausanne with top treatments in Pain therapy


Clinique Cecil is located in Lausanne and enjoys an excellent reputation for advanced medicine and first-class care.


Clinique Cecil is a leading private hospital and a member of the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group renowned for its expertise and excellence. The hospital boasts advanced medical technology, modern infrastructure and a philosophy of trust, respect, customer service and technological leadership which is complemented by highly skilled, dedicated physicians and whose goals are to provide individual treatment and wellness for each patient.


Clinique Cecil is a leading private hospital that is specialised in individual care. In collaboration with its affiliated physicians, Clinique Cecil offers outstanding expertise while providing individually-tailored medical care. The clinic offers patients a personalised plan of holistic care, modern facilities, experienced staff, and first-class treatments.

Areas of Expertise

Offering highly specialised treatments, Clinique Cecil is based on research and the expertise of a network of institutes including a Multidisciplinary Pain Centre, Centre for Medically Assisted Procreation, Interventional Cardiology, Cardiac surgery, Dialysis Centre, an ICU (Intensive Care Unit) recognised by the Swiss Society of Intensive Care Medicine (SSICM), and a Maternity/Obstetrics Unit, as well as an Emergency Centre open 7/7 24/24.

Clinique Cecil enjoys a very high reputation in its field of expertise from the highest standards in private medical care as well as individually tailored treatments together with its superior rooms and catering.

Facts and Figures

Founded in 1931 Clinique Cecil has 86 beds, among which 7 ICUs, 6 operating theatres and 2 delivery rooms. The clinic also has 387 affiliated specialists as well as several resident physicians to provide you with the highest level of individualised care.


Aesthetic surgery

  • Facial treatments

    eyelid lift / nasal reshaping

  • Dentistry

    • Dental surgery

      wisdom tooth extraction

    • Heart diseases

      • Cardiology

        coronary heart disease

      • Heart surgery

        coronary bypass

      • Obstetrics

        • Birth-giving

          cesarean section / gentle delivery

        • Prenatal diagnostics

          prenatal ultrasound / high risk pregnancy / TTTS

        • Gynaecology

          • Cancer

            cervical cancer / ovarian cancer / endometrial cancer

          • Uterus

            uterine myoma / uterine prolapse / endometriosis / abnormal oestrous cycle

          • Ovaries

            ovarian cysts / polycystic ovary syndrome / minimal invasive surgeries

          • Rheumatology

            • Back pain

              acute lumbago

            • Inflammatory arthropathy

              psoriac arthritis / juvenile idiopathic arthritis

            • Obesity

              • Overweight

                weight reduction therapy

              • Neurology

                • Nervous system disease

                  multiple sclerosis

                • Gastroenterology

                  • Stomach


                  • Neurosurgery

                    • Vascular

                      cerebral aneurysm


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