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Dr. med. Cédric A. George

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The Klinik Pyramide am See with its extravagant design is situated idyllically in the park along the left shore of Lake Zurich. Offering a wonderful and extraordinary atmosphere, it is up to now the only hospital receiving the Esprix-Award  - a Swiss quality prize for Business Excellence.  


The Pyramide’s nick name is “excellence for you”. It is well-respected for its premium medical care and services and its unique concept of approaching the patient who always feels in comfortable and secure environment. Particular emphasis is placed on the individual and personal care patients receive keeping them always at the centre of attention. Certainly, complete discretion is ensured.

Areas of specialisation:

The clinic focuses besides other specialities to the esthetic, reconstructive (including breast cancer surgery) and plastic surgery field. The renowned plastic surgeon Dr. C. George is one of the leading experts in his field. Further, the hospitals disposes of 3 medicine expert centres and maintains partnership with external specialists. Other fields of focus are vein surgery, urology, joint and sports surgery (including hand and foot surgery), opthalmology, eye surgery and maxillofacial surgery.

Facts & figures:

In 1993, mentioned Dr. Cédric A. George founded Klinik Pyramide am See. The clinic has 56 beds and employes 130 people. Annually, some 2,500 operations are carried out.



  • Shoulder

    shoulder arthrosis / shoulder dysfunction by shoulder replacement / shoulder arthritis by shoulder prosthesis

  • Knee

    osteoarthritis of the knee / rheumatoid arthritis of the knee / total knee arthroplasty / knee replacement surgery / knee joint endoprosthesis / cruciate ligament reconstruction / meniscus injury

  • Hip

    osteoarthrosis of the hip / hip endoprosthesis / total hip arthroplasty

  • Hand

    carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Spine

    spinal disc herniation / spinal fusion

  • Aesthetic surgery

    • Facial treatments

      wrinkles removal / wrinkles treatment with botox or laser / liposculpture / lipofilling / scar removal / acne treatment / eyelid lift / nasal reshaping

    • Breast surgery

      breast augmentation / breast reduction / breast lift / breast reconstruction

    • Body treatments

      liposuction / tummy tuck / buttock lift / cellulite treatment / thigh lift / stretch mark removal / excessive sweating / hyperhidrosis / genital surgery women / men

    • Dentistry

      • Jaw surgery

        jaw malformation / jaw augmentation / cleft lip / palate

      • Urology

        • Prostate

          prostate removal / prostatectomy with DA-VINCI

        • Kidney

          kidney stone removal

        • Bladder

          therapy of bladder dysfunction / incontinence treatment

        • Obstetrics

          • Prenatal diagnostics

            prenatal ultrasound / high risk pregnancy

          • Gynaecology

            • Cancer

              cervical cancer / ovarian cancer / endometrial cancer

            • Uterus

              uterine myoma / uterine prolapse / endometriosis / abnormal oestrous cycle

            • Ovaries

              ovarian cysts / polycystic ovary syndrome

            • Vascular surgery

              • Venous surgery

                varicosis treatment / spider vein removal

              • Aorta / carotid artery / peripheral artery

                aortic aneurysm / carotid artery stenosis / peripheral vascular disease

              • Medical check-up

                • Preventive check-up

                  full-body check-up / blood screening / diabetes check-up

                • Sports check-up

                  cardiopulmonary exercise testing / lactate threshold test / body fat measurement

                • Dermatology

                  • Skin cancer

                    melanoma / basal cell carcinoma / diagnostics of atypical moles / actinic keratosis

                  • Allergology

                    allergy testing / allergen immunotherapy

                  • Acne

                    acne vulgaris / acne inversa / acne treatment with blue light

                  • Rheumatology

                    • Back pain

                      acute lumbago / lumbar disc hernation

                    • Degenerative arthropathy


                    • Inflammatory arthropathy

                      rheumatoid arthritis / psoriac arthritis / juvenile idiopathic arthritis

                    • Connective tissue disease

                      lupus / polymyalgia rheumatica / vasculitis / sarcoidosis

                    • Ophthalmology

                      • Eye diseases

                        glaucoma / cataract / hypertensive retinopathy / treatment of myopia / eye laser therapy

                      • Neurology

                        • Nervous system disease

                          alzheimer's disease / parkinson's disease / multiple sclerosis

                        • Headache

                          migraine / tension headache

                        • Nephrology

                          • Dialysis

                            haemodialysis / peritoneal dialysis / holiday dialysis

                          • Kidney disease

                            nephritis / nephrotic syndrome / renal hypertension

                          • Gastroenterology

                            • Stomach

                              gastritis / helicobacter pylori infection / gastric ulcera / gastroscopy

                            • Gallbladder

                              gallbladder stones / gallbladder infection / gallbladder removal

                            • Liver

                              chronic liver infection / liver cirrhosis

                            • Pancreas

                              pancreatic cysts / pancreatitis

                            • Bowel

                              inflammatory bowel disease / chronic diarrhoea / colonoscopy

                            • Endocrinology

                              • Diabetes

                                diabetes mellitus type 1 / diabetes mellitus type 2 / diabetes drug treatment optimization / diabetes consultancy

                              • Thyroid gland

                                hypothyroidism / hyperthyroidism / Hashimoto's disease

                              • Neurosurgery

                                • Vascular

                                  cerebral aneurysm / cerebral cavernoma / arteriovenous malformation

                                • Tumor

                                  cerebral dermoid cyst / cerebral epidermoid cyst / craniopharyngeoma / pineal gland cyst / pineocytoma / chordom

                                • Breast tumors

                                  • Inflammatory breast cancer

                                    hormonal cancer therapy / breast cancer chemotherapy

                                  • Ductal breast carcinoma

                                    mastectomy / hormonal or chemo therapy of breast cancer / radiation of breast cancer

                                  • Lobular breast carcinoma

                                    breast cancer mastectomy / hormonal and chemo therapy of breast cancer / breast cancer radiation


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