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An Exclusive Health & Wellbeing Clinic in Braunwald - RECORE

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RECORE is located in the village of Braunwald in Switzerland. The village is well-known for its rural culture and mountain lifestyle, where advanced healing techniques are combined a swiss alpine natural environment.


RECORE is a health and wellbeing clinic offering tailored made treatments as well as medical care and support for people who want to live a healthy, constructive and more meaningful life. The clinic focuses on treating your symptoms and addressing any underlying issues you may have. Its bespoke combination of treatments for the body, mind, and life, help to educate and promote how to sustain healthier and more fulfilling life.

The clinic focuses on the treatment of physical and emotional disorders, as well as life crisis. Clients are given meticulous attention to their needs to ensure their stay is a peaceful, happy and comfortable one, with a relaxed and warm atmosphere. The centre is managed by a team of professionals in the areas of psychiatry, psychotherapy, and medicine, alongside with Dr. Peter Levine who is an expert Trauma Psychotherapist. The team offers group workshops to help individuals and their families face into their problems or addictions. RECORE encourages clients to explore their beliefs, feelings, and thoughts through both 1 to 1 and group therapies. The clinic delivers excellent results it´s through one-on-one and holistic approaches, including traditional and alternative models. RECORE challenges behaviours through the holistic and empathic treatments to help the clients take their initial steps toward a more fulfilling life.

Areas of Specialization:

RECORE specialises in a wide range of treatment programmes which support a variety of psychological, emotional and physical issues. This includes anxiety and depression, addiction, burnout, chronic pain, eating disorder and many others.

The treatment clinic offers several treatment packages such as in-depth medical analysis & diagnostics and recovery programme, healthy lifestyle & mindfulness techniques, individual weight loss programme, personalised nutrition & diet plan, complimentary therapies, 1 to 1 & small group therapy, somatic experiencing therapy, technology-based therapies and family & relationship work.

At RECORE, treatments are based on the restoration of the body's microbiome, rebalancing the mind and body biochemistry, flex therapy, lymphatic drainage, osteopathy, complementary therapies, brain training, music therapy, massage, acupuncture, relaxation and personal training.

Facts & Figures:

Clients and guests can stay in the luxurious mountain residences in Braunwald. A wide range of hospitality services is offered such as 24h concierge, private chef, and chauffeur. The clients can enjoy leisure activities such as hiking and skiing.



  • Burnout

    burnout treatment / burnout prevention

  • Mental health

    chronic fatique / relation & communication / isolation & emptiness / sleeping disorders / mood disorders & depression / emotional crisis / chronic pain syndrome / anxiety / trauma / bipolar disorder / dysthymia

  • Eating disorders

    Metabolic Syndrome / binge eating / bulimia / anorexia

  • Personality disorder

    borderline personality disorder

  • Stress disorders

    хронический стресс

  • Rehabilitation

    • Musculoskeletal rehabilitation

      trauma rehab

    • Autoimmune diseases

      • Autoimmune diseases

        multiple sclerosis (MS) / rheumatoid arthritis / fibromyalgia / amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) / ulcerative colitis / Hashimoto’s disease

      • Nutrition & Lifestyle

        • Nutrition & Lifestyle

          consequences of unhealthy diet / biochemical imbalance

        • Addiction treatments

          • Addiction to substances

            Polytoxicomania / Alcohol addiction / Drug addiction


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