Institut auf dem Rosenberg, St Gallen

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Institut auf dem Rosenberg : co-educational Swiss boarding school

Institut auf dem Rosenberg is a coeducational boarding school in Switzerland, conveniently located less than an hour from Zurich, focusing on the core principles of personal development as well as strong academic foundation.


Throughout its long history, stretching back over 120 years, this fine co-educational boarding school has maintained a tradition of excellence, providing a level of education fit to serve the highest of standards.

Institut auf dem Rosenberg aims not only to prepare its students from an academic perspective, but functions on the principal that ‘’Learning how to live is the purpose of all education’’.

This holistic approach not only produces students of fine academic pedigree, but allows an individual to flourish in an environment in which strong community spirit, resilience and social skills are seen as vitally important for personal development.

A host of academic programmes are offered to students at the Institut, providing an educational course that is suited to all and not just to some. Given the rich cultural diversity of the student body, this allows students to follow courses used in various countries, including the British A-Level system as well as the American High school diploma.

Continuing this cross cultural theme, Institut auf dem Rosenberg is considered one of the finest bilingual schools in Switzerland, providing Cambridge, DELF and Goethe accreditation.

A strong pastoral element of the school is the system of boarding houses through which students’ progress while on their personal journeys at the school. Starting off at College House, pupils will then move on to separate girls or boys houses when they reach 14.

A strong sense of camaraderie is developed in the boarding facilities not to mention the numerous life skills including communication, resolution of disputes and cultural tolerance that the school aims to nurture in their students. A concerted effort is also made to develop the independence of students as they progress through the school system. To cap it all off, pupils will look back on memories to last to life time with good friends to share them with.

The school’s location in the thriving city of St Gallen means it has much to offer in free time and sporting activities. The range of exhibitions and cultural wonders of the city are matched only by the areas natural landscape making an excellent environment in which to enjoy winter ski trips, sports tournaments and mountain adventures.



  • Day Tuition

    CHF 21, 000 - 31, 000 per year

  • Boarding Tuition

    CHF 84'000 per year

  • Programmes of Study

    • Academic programmes

      A-Level / GCSE / Swiss Matura / German Abitur / US High School Diploma / AP Courses / Essame di Stato / Language Certificates (Cambridge, DELF, Goethe)

    • Languages

      • Main language


      • Bilingual sections

        French / German / Italian

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